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James McDonnell

Please allow me to introduce myself…

James McDonnell

James McDonnell

Service Consultant

a little bit about me

I’m a keen cook and photographer in my spare time, and live in lovely, leafy South London.

I’m the senior service consultant here, my job is to speak to people, find out what it is they need, and to see if we can help them, and from there, make sure they’re happy ever after with our services. I’ve been fascinated by technology of all kinds ever since I had my first Casio watch,(back when dinosaurs still roamed the land) and as well as previous careers as an author and journalist, I spent many years in the technology sector, helping to create bespoke training courses for cutting edge teams in the Telco and Broadcast industries, and am a firm believer in the power of technology to transform the planet. I am equally fascinated by how technology is transforming how we all do business, from consumers looking for a new pair of trainers, or a leader in a multi-million pound tech firm looking for a new product or service to support his project.

Talk to me if you have questions about your digital marketing strategy, and I will find out what you need to help your business, and help you to plan and design the service you need.


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