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Last Month Over 2.5K People Searched for Buy Whisky Online on UK Google Alone

Consumers increasing proclivity for online purchasing has been driven by necessity in recent months, but these purchasing behaviours are here to stay. As brand owners increasingly invest in the channel, markets must be assessed on their own merits with a bespoke strategy developed. This is especially important as government regulations for alcohol eCommerce may evolve as the channel continues to grow,” says Guy Wolfe, Strategic Insights Manager at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

Alcohol eCommerce Value Grows by 42% in 2020, to Reach US$24 Billion

As consumers continue to adjust to the effects of Covid-19, beverage alcohol eCommerce has become an increasingly important retail channel across the globe. Based on new IWSR research, IWSR forecasts that the value of alcohol eCommerce will increase by 42% this year, across 10 core markets, to reach US$24 billion. In comparison, alcohol eCommerce value in those markets grew by 11% in 2019.

The 10 core markets included in IWSR’s new comprehensive Global eCommerce Strategic Study (Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, and the US) collectively represent over 90% of total alcohol eCommerce value. The report also examined an additional 10 “markets to watch” (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, and the Philippines.) Across all of those 20 markets, IWSR expects the total value of alcohol eCommerce to exceed US$40 billion by 2024.

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We are a digital marketing agency based in London with decades of experience in all things internet, focused on delivering jaw dropping ROI results for our renowned clients, within their budget and always exceeding expectations. Yours won’t be any different! Here is some of the services we offer that UK Distilleries could benefit from.

Here Are Some of The Digital Marketing Services We Offer That UK Distilleries Could Benefit From

We are a digital marketing agency based in London operating under one banner or another since 2002. That is 2 decades of experience in all things internet, always focused on delivering highly bespoke digital marketing solutions with outstanding ROI results to our clients’ exact requirements and within their budget – always exceeding expectations.

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