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R Barr

Digital Director

a little bit about me

I have been designing websites and selling online since 2002 when internet was still done through a dial up connection. Corey Rudl was my mentor and inspiration on those early days, a true pioneer. I didn't set out to become a digital marketing expert. I became one by accident. Back in 2002 I didn't have money to to pay someone to build me a website, so I learnt how to build one myself. I didn't have money SEO and PPC, so I learnt all that too. And that's been my history ever since. Fast forward a few decades later, and digital marketing has become part of me. I've done eBay, I've done Amazon FBA, I've done drop shipping, affiliate marketing, private blog networks, I've worn black hats, white hats, grey hats, and rainbow coloured hats, I've built, sold and still own multiple successful eCommerce websites, I've worked for big companies, led teams, successful campaigns. I have flown high and low, crashed down and burned out and came back from it.  There's hardly a niche in digital marketing I haven't touched. And you will seriously struggle to find someone with more experience and knowledge than me in this industry. I am the real deal. A genuine “guru” that passionately hates that cringing term with all my being. But I love the internet, it has been good to me.

Finding ways to work remotely and make a living online has always been my priority since my early 20s, well before social media, youtube, myspace and Covid19 which has finally forced people to look at remote work not only as a possibility but as a required necessity.

Talk to me if you have questions about your digital marketing strategy, and I will find out what you need to help you grow your online business. Here at V8 Digital we plan and design the service around our customers need. Not ours.

Lead, don't follow!

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